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February 25, 2011

more CHEESE, please.

Ile de France: Camembert – not my favorite brand of camembert… a bit firmer than what i’ve had before. their brie is better.

Don Juan: Manchego – mm… nutty, zesty flavor. hard but not dry. i could eat this stuff plain.

Delice de Bourgogne – exponentially better at room temperature.. kind of crumbly when cold, otherwise incredibly buttery. triple cream, super rich, medium bold pungency.

January 20, 2011

Sweet Potato Gnocchi + Gouda Cheese Sauce

Adapted from theNoshery! lovely site. beautiful pictures.

I honestly ┬ádont remember what i did/didn’t follow on this recipe. but i do know i used store bought gnocchi ):

it was a weekday lunch! didn’t have time.

AND ran out of pretty green parsley.

oh well. despite all these set backs, it was still tasty enough for me to post on here for future reference.


  • easy with the flour and milk incorporation. i had a hard time with lumpies.
  • i used Old Dutch Masters gouda-like cheese. nutty, a bit sharp, and very rich flavor.
  • must learn how to pan fry the gnocchi after boiling. i want that toasty crisp exterior you get at restaurants. i could manage a satisfactory ‘crust,’ but upon moving it would just shed right off the gnocchi and stick to my pan. >:| will try again.

anyway, here it is:

November 13, 2010

St. Angel – Triple Cream

  • specialty cheese. French. Cow’s milk.
  • it’s like eating BUTTER. same texture (refrigerated and unrefrigerated…so uh, don’t leave it out on the counter.).
  • flavor is actually rather pungent unlike other soft, brie-like cheese i’ve tried.
  • incredibly creamy and┬áspreadable, even when still cold.
  • something about the processing technique of not draining the curds makes it super loaded with calcium and proteins.
  • whatever. i just like pretending i’m eating a stick of butter and that it’s actually goOD for me.
October 17, 2010

Camembert Shmamembert

(alright, so i added the shmamembert. you like?)

to my inexperienced palate, looks and tastes rather like a brie. which is nottttt a bad thing at all. very soft and buttery texture. creamy almost sweet flavor. definitely spread-able at room temperature. i like.

hmm. would really like a nice crusty baguette right now.

i’ve gotta move on from this soft cheeses phase i’m in. the whole point of this is to try nEW things afterall.

but these are just so darn goOD!

October 8, 2010

more chEESE, please

Il Forteto Boschetto Tartufo

  • italian goats milk cheese combined with truffle
  • tender ,semi-soft but slightly crumbly.
  • very white in color.
  • strong, amaZING truffle flavor. great with fresh peaches.


  • french cows milk. creamy, soft and bouncy, slightly sharp and stinky (mmmm, stinky)
  • also trappist style. hence texture and flavor a bit similar to the Chimay
  • nothing special. too similar to other types out there /:
September 29, 2010

Cheese of the Week!

For the past month or so, i’ve been buying a different cheese each week to sample.

they make a great snack or breakfast accompaniment with a plate of fruit and nuts. yum yum. not to mention an effective and tasty way to learn about all the different types of cheeses out there.

with this strange little hobby of mine, along with the ever present tub of Fage greek yogurt in my fridge, you would never guess that i’m lactose intolerant.

anyway. i digress.

I regret not writing down the types that i’ve already tried, but i guess it’s never too late. I’ll start with what i remember:


  • the one that’s been all over my recipes lately. good for grating.
  • french, cow’s milk
  • firm, hard, and nutty. almost crumbly. slightly sweet. mildly strong.
  • creamy yellow color.

Blue Brie

  • according to my new friend the local cheese monger, both blue and brie go well with apples. and i had apples abound at home. i’ve also tried several kinds of both blue aND brie. so i figure i’d try a blue brie. and it’s exactly what you’d expect.
  • strong stinky taste of blue, but VERY creamy and rich like a brie. super soft.
  • and this sounds gross, but it’s made of white mold on the outside like a brie, but blue mold on the inside like a blue! food factoid of the day.

Chimay a la Biere

  • firm but not hard. creamy but not soft. it’s complicated. your finger wont sink into it like a brie, but it’s definitely got give when you poke it. (yes, i poke my cheese.)
  • it’s made with beer! belgian beer.
  • just got this one today and only had the sample the cheese monger gave me. will update my review as i finish it of this week.