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June 28, 2014

Coffee in a Carton

Anyone else excited about Blue Bottle’s New Orleans Style ice coffee?

My first thought: what do a bunch of Californians know about New Orleans coffee…

“Blue Bottle’s New Orleans Iced Coffee is cold brewed for 18 hours with organic roasted chicory, sweetened with organic cane sugar and cut with organic whole milk.”

Well hot damn that sounds good. While New Orleans doesn’t exactly conjure up images of  bucolic bliss and organic farms, I’m a shameless yuppie these days. So I’m sold.

And look at this packaging!


“…Pearlfisher created a new design for the brand that stays true to the heart of Blue Bottle Coffee and the Founder, James Freeman’s original vision, at once challenging coffee category cues while remaining modest and utilitarian. The carton cues dairy and evokes nostalgia, helping Blue Bottle’s offer stand apart from competitors.”

Evokes nastalgia, indeed… Only I drank milk out of a clear plastic pouch growing up (anyone else go to a carton-less school?). But still, I can’t wait to try this stuff.