food enthusiast / cook in training / foodie / hungry /


all of the above describe me.

i started reading food blogs in early 2010, started cooking in earnest shortly after, but i’ve been following my mother around as her sous since i could barely see over the kitchen counter and have been dabbling in chinese home cooking for several years.

and like my mother/teacher/inspiration, there is nothing i love more than feeding those i love. (:

Uber Ube is my attempt at keeping a personal record of my attempts at discovering the culinary world, one recipe at a time.

5 Comments to “About”

  1. i found your blog today through yelp! AHH
    you made it to tastspotting right? i remember seeing the lentil and sweet potato chili but i can’t find it now!

    😀 i’m glad you have a blog!

  2. hm. not sure what you mean. i never submitted anything to tastespotting, but i suppose it’s possible they had something similar to this posted? it is a very autumn-y dish.

    you should share your recipes too! keep track of what you do each time you make something new so that you can learn from each experience. (:

  3. are you sure? :O i’ll look for it then! because i remember the three breads on top of the autumny bowl of goodness

    haha but mine are so amatuer XP but maybe i shall! 😀
    && i like the PURPLENESS in the layout!

  4. Just say thank you! Please let me know when you come back to Nu Cafe.

    Nu Cafe owner,

  5. I found your site through a Google search on recipes. I saw Ube and had to check it out. I am a sucker for Ube and grow my own in my backyard. You have a great site. Good luck with all of your culinary endeavors.

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