Cheese of the Week!

For the past month or so, i’ve been buying a different cheese each week to sample.

they make a great snack or breakfast accompaniment with a plate of fruit and nuts. yum yum. not to mention an effective and tasty way to learn about all the different types of cheeses out there.

with this strange little hobby of mine, along with the ever present tub of Fage greek yogurt in my fridge, you would never guess that i’m lactose intolerant.

anyway. i digress.

I regret not writing down the types that i’ve already tried, but i guess it’s never too late. I’ll start with what i remember:


  • the one that’s been all over my recipes lately. good for grating.
  • french, cow’s milk
  • firm, hard, and nutty. almost crumbly. slightly sweet. mildly strong.
  • creamy yellow color.

Blue Brie

  • according to my new friend the local cheese monger, both blue and brie go well with apples. and i had apples abound at home. i’ve also tried several kinds of both blue aND brie. so i figure i’d try a blue brie. and it’s exactly what you’d expect.
  • strong stinky taste of blue, but VERY creamy and rich like a brie. super soft.
  • and this sounds gross, but it’s made of white mold on the outside like a brie, but blue mold on the inside like a blue! food factoid of the day.

Chimay a la Biere

  • firm but not hard. creamy but not soft. it’s complicated. your finger wont sink into it like a brie, but it’s definitely got give when you poke it. (yes, i poke my cheese.)
  • it’s made with beer! belgian beer.
  • just got this one today and only had the sample the cheese monger gave me. will update my review as i finish it of this week.

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