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June 28, 2010

Gooey, cheesy, herby fried egg on toast

i was hungry so didn’t take a picture in time.

you know those sandwich thins i keep talking about? round pita like things i make pizza with?

i had a bunch left over. as well as some eggs from making corn muffins last week, and different kinds of cheese from various cooking endeavors from the past week or two.

  1. toast sandwich thins ’til crispy
  2. butter a cast iron skillet
  3. fry egg sunny side up
  4. sprinkle some shredded monterey jack/chedder on egg
  5. layer basil/onion seasoned crumbled goat cheese on sandwich thin
  6. place fried egg over goat cheese to melt it
  7. sprinkle on lots of thyme

= > herb-y cheesy fried egg with runny yolk on a crisp toasty base. best part is when you bite into it, there’s a pocket of soft goat cheese that just blends all the textures together.

probably works on english muffins too.

very yummy. would add bacon if i was eating meat.

had a side of misc fresh fruit mixed in yogurt. also left overs.

June 26, 2010


old news: i am a yelper now.

June 26, 2010

homemade pita pizzas

Stole this idea from the crepe place and made a pizza out if it.

Sososo good.

  1. Pita bread as base (i use these.)
  2. toast first if you want a crispier base. (400 degrees, 5 min)
  3. layer with ricotta and sliced up dried figs (i used turkish figs from whole foods).
  4. bake in toaster oven for 5~10 min. 350. ricotta doens’t really melt. just poke at it and see if it’s warm.
  5. sprinkle on some black pepper, drizzle honey on top, and add some arugula
  6. last but not least, drizzle on balsalmic vineger

seriously good eats.

i bought way too much food at whole foods yesterday so we’re inviting friends over for ‘make your own pizza’ night. i have ingredients for margharita pizza (pictured), prosciutto and arugula pizza,
mushroom and cheese, and fig honey ricotta. fuN.