first day on my own in the city

for lunch: warm garbanzo bean salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, shredded hardboiled egg, drizzled with lemon vinaigrette. then shopped Broadway for 4+ hours (and only hit half the stores i set out to!) the damage: button up shirt dress, several tops (including a baby doll tank with military accents and a simple black tank from urban outfitters with zippers as shoulder straps), and originally set out to get silver/grey/or black gladiator strappy sandals, but ended up with purple snake skin flats from kenneth cole. on sale! only $35! did i mENTIon they were PURPLE? anyway. i couldn’t carry any more and had to head home. stopped by a “gourmet grocery” at some corner that i forgot the name of just to check it out, and came out with a little cup of 7 grain raspberry yogurt: sweetened with fruit juice, all natural, with barley, oats, etc. enjoyed said yogurt on a little park bench by our SoHo apartment. passed by an empanada place and decided i will stop by later for dinner (i hear they have sweet potato empanadas! how awesome is that?) anyway. was a bit reluctant to come home but my armful of shopping bags and my tired feet willed it so. good timing anyway, it started raining as i walked up the steps.

all and all, great day. lugged my camera around but never even took it out. i may have only accomplishing half of what i set out to do today, but i’ve got four months. what’s the hurry? (:

meeting up with R later to watch his team play. new season. (i am perfectly happy being a bleacher warmer.) which reminds me. must make time and get that gym membership so i can continue to eat like i have been.

oo! oo!, speaking of food, yesterday’s meals consisted of veal meatballs with almonds and pine nuts (very soft and flavorful, not gamey at all), with prunes (sounds weird, but the sweetness really complimented the nuttiness of the meatball) in a red wine reduction at Snack (best spanakopita i’ve ever had), and also a hole in the wall dominican restaurant La Nueva Conquista where 8 bucks buys you a platter piled high with yellow rice, black beans, fried plantains and juicy goat stew.  oh and halal street cart gyro. also yummy.

i loooove soho. i looooove nyc. 😀

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