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April 25, 2010

and to think, i was gonna grab a granola bar and go this morning

but i always manage to find time for food.

anyway. found a bag of fresh mushrooms in my mom’s fridge this morning. took them home with me. threw it in a pan with other miscellaneous things i dug from the back of my fridge (i have a week to clean it out. and what better way to clean out a fridge than to eat?) and what did i end up with?

potato leek omelet:
egg beaters (lazy people eggs. these things just never expire!)
questionable red bell pepper from almost 2 weeks ago
possibly over priced sliced mushrooms from central market that i stole from mother
crumbled goat cheese
potatoes (i think steph left these in my fridge back in february)
leeks (also from at least a week ago…)
parsley and thyme
dash of garlic salt

and voila! best omelet i’ve ever made.

now let’s hope i don’t get sick from all the less than fresh ingredients..

and there is always time for dessert:

a little more ready to face a whole day in the library now. 😀