i have been spending a lot of time lately reading food blogs.

this was the result of my (somewhat unsuccessful) attempt at spending a little less time studying the sciences and a little more time keeping up with the state of the world. unfortunately, personal interest dictate the direction of one’s news exposure more so than i thought. besides NPR, a news medium in which besides the alternative of switching the station i have no choice on topic exposure, the only contact i have to the outside world is online news sources. problem is, after roughly five minutes on any news site, i invariably end up in either the health or science and technology headlines.

i had a conversation with Donna the other day about the injustice of the fact that one could come off as unread and uneducated simply because one’s interests run astray from the mainstream. i don’t engage in debates on politics and economics but i can have a lengthy discussion with my undergrad Infectious Diseases prof about current immunization practices during class or argue the evolutionary implications of the Panglossian Paradigm and somehow STILL manage to feel like an idiot. anyway. i realize i can’t only know about science if i want to become an integrated member of society. my undergrad days of lab work in a basement are over, so it seems.
way to go off on a tangent.
so food.
my intention was to read up on the state of the nation but instead i got side tracked to yet another useless interest of mine. i’ve been “researching” food blogs and jotting down recipe ideas: adding ricotta to blueberry pancake batter! mango avocado salad with grilled shrimp and peanut sauce! (damn peanut sauce. i am starting to think it’s more trouble than it’s worth. can’t figure it out. will most likely buy pre-made.) steph and i have been trading recipes via email every time we try something new for the past couple years. she suggests i post pictures/details on my blog to keep track of them. so here’s today’s little experiment: basil eggplant stir fry with bell peppers and tofu. i hate tofu. but this turned out so well i think i’ve found a new way to introduce more protein into my diet.

also made a garlic chili + orange marmalade glazed salmon last night. was so hungry i ate it out of the baking pan and forgot to take pictures. still have half a fillet in the fridge. will cook the rest of it tonight and post later.

i agree it’s still good to keep up with things outside my immediate interests, but i need to stop caring how others judge me.


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